Rawhide Watch

Daily warnings for rawhide victims


Rawhide Watch is an experiment in micro-journalism.  This blog aims to be an interesting source of news relevant to rawhide users.  Often times things in rawhide are broken or just plain strange.  It might take somebody hours to figure out the cause, workarounds might be discovered, or new builds are made for the next rawhide nightly.  These things would save the time of others if they were written down somewhere.   High impact issues, or widespread strange issues are generally good topics to report here.  In some cases high-impact rawhide issues may not be mentioned if they were discovered and fixed during the day and did not hit the previous rawhide nightly.  Rawhide Watch is meant mainly to aid the user following rawhide nightly.

Warren Togami writes many entries here himself based upon his own experiences or things he hears on lists or IRC.  If you have stories to submit, please  write as much detail as possible including what the issue is, references to mailing list posts or bug tickets, etc.  It would be helpful if your text is already written in a form that can be quoted verbatim in news.  Warren acts as editor of this blog and ultimately decides if something is important or interesting enough to deserve mention.

After a new stable release like Fedora 11 is out, Rawhide Watch will cover important issues relevant to users of that stable release with similar story selection criteria.


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