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3.16 kernels broken on i686 up until rc2 (affects installed systems and nightly images)

Posted by adamwill on June 23, 2014

There was a significant bug in all 3.16 kernels affecting the i686 architecture (32-bit Intel) only. This resulted in all sorts of breakage higher up the stack – dbus would not run, for a start, which causes many other problems. Installed systems might just limp to a console login; of nightly images, both lives and boot.iso images failed to boot fully.

The cause of this was recently identified and a fix submitted upstream. The fix has been pulled into Rawhide immediately, starting with kernel-3.16.0-0.rc2.git0.1.fc21. All 3.16 kernels prior to that should not be used on i686 machines, or you should pass the kernel parameter vdso=0 to work around the bug.

Nightly images should start working again (or, at least, not be broken by this particular bug…) starting from tomorrow, as the fixed kernel is pulled in.

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  1. Thanks, my i686 recently was broken with lots of errors with kernel 3.16.

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