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Nightly boot.iso fails to boot

Posted by adamwill on June 25, 2014

Recent nightly Rawhide boot.iso network install images are failing to boot due to a bug in util-linux. The fix has already been identified and pushed upstream, and should work its way downstream into Fedora soon. This doesn’t appear to be affecting the nightly live images.

Slightly older boot.iso images, if you have one lying around, may not suffer from that bug, but probably do suffer from this one, which is caused by metacity (the window manager used by non-live install images) failing to run due to excessive pruning of the anaconda environment. A fix for that bug was also pushed today. With any luck, once the util-linux fix comes downstream, we’ll get working nightlies again.


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3.16 kernels broken on i686 up until rc2 (affects installed systems and nightly images)

Posted by adamwill on June 23, 2014

There was a significant bug in all 3.16 kernels affecting the i686 architecture (32-bit Intel) only. This resulted in all sorts of breakage higher up the stack – dbus would not run, for a start, which causes many other problems. Installed systems might just limp to a console login; of nightly images, both lives and boot.iso images failed to boot fully.

The cause of this was recently identified and a fix submitted upstream. The fix has been pulled into Rawhide immediately, starting with kernel-3.16.0-0.rc2.git0.1.fc21. All 3.16 kernels prior to that should not be used on i686 machines, or you should pass the kernel parameter vdso=0 to work around the bug.

Nightly images should start working again (or, at least, not be broken by this particular bug…) starting from tomorrow, as the fixed kernel is pulled in.

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Wifi, direct ADSL, cellular or Bluetooth connections broken after upgrade to NetworkManager with dnf

Posted by adamwill on June 20, 2014

edit 2014-06-20: this also affects directly connected ADSL modems, cellular modems and Bluetooth connections.

Hey there, intrepid Rawhidenauts! If you use wifi edit: or an ADSL modem or cellular modem or Bluetooth connection/edit on your Rawhide system, and you did a Rawhide update with dnf which brought in NetworkManager- , you may find that your wifi stopped working after the update.

What happened is that NetworkManager’s support for these types of connection got split into subpackages. The NM maintainer followed the usual packaging protocols for when a new subpackage is introduced which should be automatically added to existing installs, and if you updated with yum then you would’ve got the new subpackages installed correctly, but it seems that people who upgraded with dnf did not get them installed. The issue’s been reported as bug #1107973.

If you’re affected by this, you should install the appropriate subpackage(s) manually. The packages are NetworkManager-wifi, NetworkManager-adsl, NetworkManager-wwan, and NetworkManager-bluetooth. Run, for example,

dnf install NetworkManager-wifi

to fix things up.

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