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Boot failures: systems / KVM guests with a single CPU core, current live installations

Posted by adamwill on May 13, 2014

There seem to be two interesting failure-to-boot bugs affecting Rawhide at present, intrepid Rawhide-nauts (yes, I totally just invented that).

#1096358 involves systems newly installed from any recent (seems to be since 2014-05-07) Rawhide-based live image. These installations seem to fail to boot – in fact, fail in the bootloader – with an “unaligned pointer” error message. The grub2 maintainer is currently investigating this one. If, for some strange reason, you have an urgent need to install Rawhide right now, non-live installs don’t seem to be affected by this issue.

#1095891 seems, so far, to be affecting virtual machines assigned a single CPU core (although it’s possible it affects real hardware systems with only a single CPU core, no-one’s confirmed that yet – I need to find someone with an old enough system to check it). Such systems fail to boot, this time early in the init process – the issue appears to be in udev. To work around this problem, assign more than one CPU core to the virtual guest, or downgrade to systemd 212-2 or earlier.


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