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Boot failures with recent Rawhide kernels

Posted by adamwill on February 4, 2014

Several people have reported that recent kernels sometimes, often or always completely fail to boot, very early in the boot process (right after the boot menu). We’re still looking into this at present, but we have a possible indication of what the problem might be right now. You may see a trace in numa stuff if you boot with earlyprintk=vga.

We’d advise Rawhide users to make sure you still have a 3.13 kernel installed, just in case you run into trouble booting 3.14 kernels.

Edit: kernel-3.14.0-0.rc1.git0.2.fc21 may well fix this. Please test it out, if you’re affected, and let us know if it doesn’t.


2 Responses to “Boot failures with recent Rawhide kernels”

  1. rich said

    I’ll just leave this here:


  2. rich said

    This is fixed for me in 3.14.0-0.rc1.git0.2.fc21.

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