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No input when booting Rawhide of 2010-01-28

Posted by adamwill on January 28, 2010

When booting Rawhide of 2010-01-28, you may hit a tricky situation: absolutely no input at all. In some (possibly all) cases this affects runlevel 3 as well as runlevel 5. This is due to bug #559679: it’s an SELinux problem which prevents HAL starting up (so can cause problems for anything else that still uses HAL, as well).

To fix this problem, you need to install selinux-policy 3.7.8-5 or later (update all selinux-policy packages you have installed, of course). To install them, boot to runlevel 3: add ‘3’ to your kernel parameters in grub. If you get no input even at runlevel 3, try deleting ‘rhgb quiet’ from the grub parameters as well. Install the selinux-policy updates, reboot, and input should be working again.

Obviously, if you did not yet update your Rawhide (or you updated but didn’t reboot), make sure when you do update that if you get an older selinux-policy, then install the newer one from Koji before you reboot! That way you’ll avoid hitting the problem.


2 Responses to “No input when booting Rawhide of 2010-01-28”

  1. pankaj86 said

    Thanks a lot for the info. My rawhide messed up and i couldn’t figure out why the hal service wouldn’t start, trashing my rawhide install. I thought i may have to reinstall :(. Hopefully the yum rollback feature would make life much easier 🙂

  2. jattboot said

    Thanks for blog, it saved my day!

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