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restorecond in policycoreutils-2.0.71-6 breaks the world, how to recover

Posted by rawhidewatch on August 20, 2009

If you were running the restorecond service and upgraded to policycoreutils-2.0.71-6.fc12 then things went horribly wrong.  restorecond goes nuts and screws up labels across your filesystem.   Logins via ssh or local console breaks among other problems.

Here is how to recover:

  1. Boot into single user mode.
  2. Turn off restorecond service with chkconfig restorecond off
  3. fixfiles restore will fix labels across your entire filesystem.
  4. Reboot into the normal system.
  5. Upgrade to policycoreutils-2.0.71-7.fc12 or later.
  6. chkconfig restorecond on

In related news, you might be having problems with the restorecon command.  In the past commands like restorecon -Rv . would relabel the current directory, but now it fails silently.  dwalsh says this is a bug he intends to fix.  Until it is fixed, you must specify an absolute pathname to the restorecon command.


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