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Video with weird delays?

Posted by rawhidewatch on April 10, 2009

F-11 rawhide users might have noticed weird behaviors with video playing in the past months.  Playing videos in Youtube, mplayer or totem would often play with audio immediately, but you see no video for a few seconds.  Then suddenly many video frames rapidly play, then video becomes smooth in sync with the audio.  It turns out that this was actually problems with video syncing to the audio clock of pulseaudio.  The latest build pulseaudio-0.9.15-9+ substantially improves this weird problem at the beginning of videos, and seems to make video playback smoother as well.  Note that if you are using mplayer, you need this patch to be applied to remove a workaround hack, otherwise you might not notice any improvement.  Hopefully distributors of mplayer will patch soon.


One Response to “Video with weird delays?”

  1. rdieter said

    Seen this for quite awhile in kde (and other xine-lib-based apps/environments):

    Glad to see that the issue is getting some love.

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